Copy-Care Scandinavia & Partners Ltd. (CCS) are one of the foremost manufacturers of OEM Standard toner cartridges.
Our core enterprise philosophy, quality-service-value, help us win the trust of our OEM and COM customers throughout the past 4 decades. Our quality does not come for free but is constructed of different aspects and important details.

Quality Strengths.
Quality is our mission. Our factory is certified with ISO 14001 and 9001, ensuring a series of stringent quality control measures. These measures apply to the incoming quality test of raw materials, the quality standards during processing, and the final inspection before dispatch. Throughout development, our engineers perform multiple tests to ensure product compatibility with OEM machines. A crucial aspect of optimizing cartridge performance in a timely manner is our proprietary molding factory.

How does we initiate the mold-making process?
After our engineers finish analyzing OEM patents, examining printer or MFP mechanisms, and designing cartridges in compliance with patents, they will arrange a meeting with our molding department. This meeting will cover computer graphics, cavity specifications, plastic injection and ejection processes, and lead times. Subsequently, our molding department will create the mold design using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), proceeding to mold fabrication. This process includes selecting materials, performing rough machining, milling, drilling, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), applying surface treatments, among other steps. Upon completion, the mold undergoes several trials, Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR), and dimensional inspections to verify the quality of the plastic before we begin mass production.

How can we help customers with it´s self-owned mold.
A self-owned mold represents the quality control of our compatible toner cartridges. When we inspect the dimension of plastic that needs modification, we will have a shorter reaction time to cope with it. We value intellectual property rights, so when OEM releases a new patent, we will also have a quicker solution to it with the mold in hand and our strong engineers. Therefore, CCS will be your most reliable partner when it comes to OEM Standart compatible toner cartridges. You may reach us via info@copycare.eu to know more of our OEM Standart products.